• Improve Your Business Writing

    I specialise in editing services for non-native English speakers and their businesses.


    If this is you, and you want to hire an editor to improve your business or marketing content, you're in the right place. I help with:

    • Content editing. Producing well-structured writing with relevant, engaging messages.
    • Copy editing. Checking for appropriate style and creating clear, consistent, accurate text.
    • Proofreading. A final polish to ensure your writing is error-free and ready to publish.

    I can work on all your professional communications, including:

    • Marketing content. Websites, newsletters, articles, blogs, sales packages, email campaigns, brochures, professional profiles, e-books, and presentations.
    • Business writing. Media releases, proposals, tenders, grant applications, award submissions, case studies, policies, reports, and educational content.

    I've helped a range of businesses improve their communications — from small business owners and independent consultants to non-profit organisations, professional services businesses, and large companies.


    I can assist you too.
    What I offer is not only 'editing', but a comprehensive understanding of how to get the most from your business writing. I can partner with your business to produce the highest-quality communications and marketing content.
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    “With Marissa’s assistance, I gained the confidence to stand behind my brand and be proud of who I am, what services I provide and how I can deliver.” ~ Business Owner, Australia